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DRESDEN, 13 and 14 May 2019

Start-ups – an opportunity for cycling
How can start-ups, businesses and local authorities benefit from each other?

Innovative capacity, ingenuity and swiftness are the special strengths of start-ups. They develop innovative products and services, transform markets and challenge established companies. Cooperation and the exchange of ideas and experience with innovative start-ups offer new opportunities for public authorities, societies and associations, but also for established companies and the scientific community. Start-ups benefit from professional and technological expertise. For this to happen, willingness to cooperate and an open exchange of ideas and experience is needed. At the Velokonzept side event, public authorities and established companies will meet start-ups to learn from each other and promote the intensification of cooperation.

During the first round, selected start-ups will present themselves and speak about their experiences. The “Meet the Start-ups” break offers the opportunity for an exchange of ideas and experience and for networking. During round two, experts will explain what is needed for cycling start-ups to be able to establish innovations. The subsequent discussion will try to answer the question of how obstacles and barriers can be overcome in a way that is likely to achieve results.


14:30 – 15:45 
1st round: “Accelerating innovation with start-ups?” 

Start-ups/former start-ups present their products and talk about their experiences

Facilitator: Prof Reto Wettach, FH Potsdam and founder of IXDS

  • 25ways, Henrik Zölzer, founder and managing director 25ways GmbH 
  • bike|solutions, Benedict Mähn, Co-Founder, betternotstealmybike UG, bike-solutions.com
  • Chike, Manuel Prager, founder and managing director, chike GmbH & Co. KG  www.chike.de
  • Digitale Fahrrad-Hacks, Team Vision ZERO beim BMVI DATA-RUN, Marc Kleemann, Moritz Schneider, Axel Lorenzen-Zabel github.com
  • Ducktrain, Kai D. Kreisköther, founder and managing director DroidDrive GmbH  www.ducktrain.io
  • Live-Cycle, Andreas Schmidt, founder and managing director LiveCycle GmbH www.live-cycle.de
  • ONOmotion, Beres Seelbach, founder and managing director and Luise Braun, Tretbox GmbH  www.onomotion.com
  • Rydies, Andreas Nelskamp, founder and managing director Rydies GmbH www.rydies.com
  • Schindelhauer Bikes, Jörg Schindelhauer, founder c2g-engineering GmbH  www.schindelhauerbikes.de
  • VELOVEND, Daniel Jenett, owner jenett.com

15:45 – 16:45 Break/“Meet the Start-ups”
An animated break to give you the chance to get to know each other with photo sessions, fact sheets and information desks of the start-ups that presented themselves in the 1st round.


16:45 – 18:00 
2nd round: “What do (bicycle) start-ups need to successfully launch their innovative products on the market and how can a 'win-win' situation with the established bicycle industry and local authorities be achieved?”

Three keynotes, followed by a discussion with the speakers, start-ups and participants

Facilitator: Prof Reto Wettach, FH Potsdam and founder of IXDS


1st keynote: „CycleHack“ – Cycling innovation by the people who ride“
Sarah Drummond, Glasgow, Co-Founder „CycleHack“ movement 

CycleHack is a global movement, that started in Glasgow and has already spread across more than 40 cities worldwide. 
Over 48 hours at a CycleHack event, cycling enthusiasts, gearheads, designers, activists, programmers, urbanists and many more gather, to develop, design, prototype & test new ideas that improve the experience of cycling & get more people on two wheels. The developed ideas and prototypes are published on www.cyclehack.com

Sarah Drummond is the co-founder of the CycleHack movement. She will be sharing her experiences.


2nd keynote: “VW FUTURE MOBILITY INCUBATOR Dresden: cash, coaches and contacts for start-ups that rethink mobility” 
Johannes Rönsberg, Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH Future Mobility Incubator

In the “Future Mobility Incubator”, Volkswagen, together with the federal state capital Dresden, is promoting creative start-ups and students and scientists looking to start new businesses from all over the world that are rethinking mobility and bringing along fresh ideas for mobility services of the future. The aim is for start-ups to develop their ideas directly to commercial maturity. 
Part of the 6-month incubation program is mentoring and coaching, an attractive working environment with IT infrastructure, contact to researchers, developers and decision makers, as well as – very important – financial and personnel support from the partner: the federal state capital Dresden.
Marco Weiß, Head of New Mobility & Innovations of Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH will present the programme and talk about his experiences.


3rd keynote: “Hamburg as a real-life test area for smart last-mile solutions”
Gönke Tetens, Head of the Logistics unit of the Department of Economics, Transport and Innovation in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Together with businesses, the city of Hamburg is developing ideas for the smart delivery of goods on the last mile and, in doing so, creates the framework for implementation. This includes new places for delivering parcels (workplace or train stations), alternative means of transport (cargo cycles or delivery robots) as well as electric and natural gas-based drivetrains. The aim is to improve traffic flows, increase the quality of life in the city centre, reduce delivery traffic on the last mile and produce as little pollution and noise as possible. A particular focus is on the use of new technologies and innovative ideas. Close cooperation of the private and public sectors is an essential element in this regard. As a public-private partnership, the Hamburg Logistics Initiative can accomplish a lot. To structure all activities and implement tailor-made solutions for different types of neighbourhoods, the Department of Economics, Transport and Innovation has commissioned a strategy for the whole city leading to a roadmap for last-mile logistics.

Followed by a discussion with the speakers, start-ups and participants

If you have any questions, please contact:
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Velokonzept Saade GmbH
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10405 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 311 65 14 – 11


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